B/W Processing +Scan

Choose processing only or processing and scanning at different sizes. We process all types of black & white film on site.


B/W Processing +Scan

Send us your film, we’ll email you your photos, simple! Plus, we always send your negatives back, unless you don’t want them back that is!

PUSHING/PULLING: If you are pushing/pulling your film then please clearly specify on the film. The lab needs to know this information to make sure we develop your film to the best of our ability.

How it works:

1. Choose the developing options you need above. At checkout you can add any extra notes you may think we need to know.
2. Complete payment at checkout
3. Make note of your order number, and include this in your parcel to send to us. This can be as simple as writing it on any scrap of paper lying around. Draw us a picture if you’re feeling artistic!
4. Either ship the package to us, or drop into our Barcelona shop/ 
drop points during the week.
5. Once we receive your films, we will email to let you know we have them, and 1-5 days later, your scans will be emailed to you. If you have selected film/ and or merch these will be sent out with the negatives.

Film Type

120, 35mm, APS

Scan Size

Large TIFF, Medium TIFF, No Scan, Small JPG


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