About Amigou Lab

Amigou Lab is a Barcelona-based analogue lab and photographic co-operative run by two friends, John and Oscar. The photo lab opened in the early summer of 2020 and has slowly established itself in Barcelona’s film-photography community.

Amigou Lab started in the back of a co-working space in Sant’s. Many of our first clients will remember this location and possibly remember how small and cramped everything was. A lot has changed since then; our lab has grown, our vision has become broader, and we are slowly impacting the photographic community here based in Spain.

Amigou Lab is more than just a lab. The vision for our space is to create a photographic platform in pursuit of a community. We are true lovers of photography. We believe that the craftmanship behind film photography is necessary for building a solid understanding of the medium. We do not applaud the sprays and prays, but rather the photographer willing to master his craft. John and Oscar are working photographers, so they understand the necessities in the industry. They will always go out of their way to help the photographer compliment the client. The relationship between the lab and the photographer is essential. We place massive amounts of focus on building rapport with our photographers.

From November of 2021, the lab relocated to the heart of Poble Nou. Our ecosystem has expanded to now involve a micro gallery space. We hope to exhibit up incoming fresh photographers from Spain. To compliment our exhibitions, we aim to offer a set of talks and other photographic events to reinforce our community vision.

Oscar Ramsay

Oscar handles all of our scanning in the lab. In his professional career, he has had the opportunity to work with a widely exhibited photographer Nadav Kander, reviewing and documenting his career archive. This became a significant learning experience which reflected on his technique and his artistic outlook.

John Muha

John has a strong background in teaching. We aim to offer a selection of workshops so that film lovers all across Barcelona can learn the fundamental processes of film photography and experimental film processes like Cyanotypes.


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